Sonja Rupp Hundetraining mit Herz & Hirn

Canine Relaxation Training

Promoting calmness for reactive, anxious and over-excited dogs

Force-free training for restless dogs and guardians who wish for less hassle and more quality time.

The right training for your dog

Your dog follows you around the house, has difficulties focusing on you or can’t handle people, fellow dogs or other animals? - Let’s go back to the roots! Canine Relaxation Training (CRT) is a bulging toolbox that focuses on your dog’s most basic needs, providing balance for dogs that need a helping hand to get through their day. It combines need-fulfilling activities with relaxation training.

Learning rest

teach your dog how and where to recharge their social batteries

Creating Reliability

establish useful structures to make everyday life easier for you and your dog

Managing what doesn’t work yet

get strategies to help your dog out when he can’t handle a situation

Training stressful situations

learn new skills and strengthen your dog's confidence

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Testimonials & Feedback

Sonja has great experience with special-needs dogs. She acts and teaches kindly, gently and with foresight and can easily adapt to meet any dog's needs.


One of a kind. I had the chance to join Sonja for a workshop in connection to her module "Mission: how to build safe hunting sequences". In a creative and professional way, she managed to recreate hunting situations for us to work with - the fake crow was a highlight. We had immense fun and learned a lot.


Targets: We joined Sonja's online course with Carina Wagner and it was a great experience. We received background information, detailed training-sequences and individual, even psychological, feedback. I highly recommend.


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Hi, I'm Sonja!

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I’m a certified dog trainer (ATN AG) based in Germany. I specialise in force-free relaxation training for reactive dogs, dogs guarding herds or homes and dogs with a difficult history.

I’m proud to be co-trainer for the Predation Substitute Training online courses with Simone Müller for dog professionals and dog guardians and member of the positive training networks Trainieren Statt Dominieren (TSD) and the Initiative for force-free dog training.

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